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The professionals at Campbell Overhead Door Inc know that purchasing, maintaining, and repairing your garage door can come with a lot of questions. The answers you’re looking for might be here, provided by our experts. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, feel free to contact us with any other questions.


How do I buy a garage door?

The best way to purchase a brand new garage door is to visit our sales page and let us help you decide which model and fit is best for you. You can also choose a custom option if what you want isn’t available on our website. Schedule your free estimate and learn more about the details today.


Do you repair any garage door brand?

If we have the materials to repair your garage door, we will do it. Different brands require different parts, and while we do service, sell, and install a number of different brands (including premium name brands like Genie and Northwest Door.), there could be proprietary parts that we cannot access. Given our extensive services, it’s unlikely that we can’t repair the garage door brand you have.


What materials are garage doors made of?

Some of the most popular materials for garage doors include steel, aluminum, and glass for windows. A lot of the time, wood composite or steel are chosen over real wood because it’s easier to maintain. Other materials may be used, especially for industrial garage doors. Consider the maintenance involved with the material you choose before making a decision.


When should I call a garage door professional for repairs?

As soon as you notice something is wrong. Minor repairs can very quickly become major repairs if they’re not addressed in a timely manner. Prompt service ensures that your garage door will remain in good working order for years to come.


Do you repair doors on your first visit?

This depends on the nature of your repairs. In the case of some minor garage door repairs, we can visit local South Bay clients and get your repair done right away. For more major repairs or complete replacements, the process will take longer. Sometimes parts need to be ordered, paint colors may need to be matched, and a number of other issues may result in a longer process.


How do I know when to replace my garage door?

When the repair exceeds the cost of a replacement or if you’ve had to call us for the same repair over and over, it may be time for a full garage door replacement. Our South Bay technicians and sales floor can help you decide if you need a replacement and which garage door will best suit your garage.


Why won’t my garage door open or close?

The most common reason for a door not opening is that a torsion spring has broken on the door, making it too heavy for the opener to lift. The most common reason for a door not closing are obstructions or misalignment of the opener’s safety sensors. Keep safety in mind when checking for one of these minor issues. If you’re unsure, call us and we can help you assess any possible repairs.


Do you provide emergency garage door services?

We are not open at all hours, but during business hours, we will come as quickly as possible for an on-site repair. Our experts are highly trained to make sure that your repair is done in a timely manner.


How do I maintain my garage door?

In addition to washing and having regular service done by professionals, maintenance can be easily achieved by simple inspection. Check the parts of your garage door while they work. Open and close the door at least once a week to keep the parts from sticking.


How often should I have my garage door serviced?

If you don’t notice any issues or parts that appear to need replacing, you should have your garage door serviced approximately once a year.


Can I replace a section of my garage door?

It’s possible but not always. If your door has been discontinued since you purchased it, then a replacement panel won’t be available. If the door is still produced then you can replace a single panel. Talk to our technicians about which garage door you have and if it’s possible for a section to be replaced.


How do I quiet a noisy garage door?

A noisy garage door is often caused by a motor that needs servicing or rollers and hinges that need lubrication. The track may also need servicing or cleaning. Next time you open your garage door, pay attention to the moving parts and see if any of them are loose or rattling.


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