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Campbell Overhead Door helps home and business owners keep their properties looking attractive and clean with professional replacement garage door services in San Jose and Santa Clara County. Garage doors don’t last forever. And a damaged, rotted, or uneven garage door is one of those visually unappealing neglected parts of the home that can decrease property value and be a possible safety concern. If it’s time to replace your garage door, contact us to learn about the incredible styles we can offer your property.

Common Garage Door Issues

The funny thing about garage doors is that the problems seem to happen suddenly without warning. For instance, one morning, the garage opens and closes fine when you leave for work, but when you get home, it won’t open. Most garage door issues are due to a few common problems.

  • The Door Won’t Close All the Way – If the door doesn’t go up or down all the way, this could be a balancing issue or a problem with the track.
  • Broken Springs – If the springs on the door break, the door won’t move. You might notice a spring hanging down in this instance.
  • Worn Rollers – If the door is very noisy as it moves, it could be a sign of worn rollers or bearings. It’s usually a squealing or popping sound you’ll hear.
  • Photo Eye Sensor Issues – The sensors are a safety measure to keep the door from closing if people or other objects are in the door’s path. If these are obstructed or damaged, the door won’t function properly.

Garage Door Replacement Costs

All of our appointments start with a free estimate to let you know the work we think should be completed and an outline of the costs. The cost of a garage door replacement will vary depending on what’s involved, how many doors are being replaced, and the type of door being installed. Sometimes, you just need a replacement garage door opener and don’t have to replace the entire door. If the door has cosmetic damage, we can discuss the possibility of a garage door panel replacement to help save on cost. No matter the situation, we will provide you with an honest assessment.

Garage Door Opener Replacement in San Jose, CA

Should I Replace or Just Repair My Garage Door?

If you notice signs of wear on your garage door or it’s not opening as smoothly as it once did, it should be inspected by a trained professional, such as our team at Overhead Campbell Door. We consider a few things when helping customers decide whether it’s best to repair or replace their garage door. Some of the things we’ll look at include the age of the door and the cost of garage door replacement parts versus the replacement of the garage door. Sometimes the garage door itself is fine, but you might need a garage door motor replacement for the opener. No matter what the issue is, you can be confident we will be open, honest, and transparent with you in our conversation.

Benefits of Our Garage Door Replacement Services

While it might be tempting to try to save money by repairing a faulty garage door or garage door opener, sometimes there’s a bigger payoff by replacing the door with a new one. You can see some of the incredible work we’ve done for other clients, and we can bring the same beauty to your home. Why consider replacing your garage door? You’ll improve your home’s:

  • Property Value
  • Security
  • Curb Appeal
  • Insulation

Garage Door Services to Meet All of Your Needs

We believe that the best garage door services are handled by specialists in the field like us who dedicate their entire business to helping home and business owners with exceptional services. We work with some of the top garage door manufacturers in the industry to ensure you get uncompromised quality with every product we install to go along with our outstanding customer service. You can rely on us for:

Learn More About Our Replacement Services

If you’re contemplating repairing or replacing your garage door, speak with the professionals at Campbell Overhead Door. We serve San Jose and Santa Clara County with expert garage door replacement and installation services you can trust. We don’t employ any sales gimmicks or try to pressure customers into buying services they don’t need. We just offer honest and reliable insight to go along with our free estimates. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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