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FAQs About Our Garage Door Repair Services

At Campbell Overhead Door, we have an entire team of experienced garage door technicians who specialize in garage door inspections, installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacement. We offer garage door spring repair, garage door cable repair, garage door opener repair, and garage door track repair, among other services. We also work with trusted garage door manufacturers to provide reliable, durable new garage doors for sale and installation. No matter how big or small the problem with your garage door, we can quickly get to the bottom of it and find the safest, most efficient, and most effective solution. Call us today if you need garage door opener repair in San Jose, CA, or the surrounding areas.

Do You Offer Same-Day Garage Door Repairs?

It depends on the extent of the problem with your garage door. Our garage door technicians can fix some issues in a day or less. If you have major mechanical or safety issues with your garage door that necessitate a garage door replacement or new garage door installation, we will need to wait until you have looked through our inventory to pick out a new garage door. From there, it may take a few days for the door to be ready for installation.

How Do I Fix a Jammed Garage Door?

You should never try to DIY garage door repairs or try to figure out how to install garage door replacement parts yourself. Garage doors are heavy, intricate pieces of equipment that have the potential to seriously injure you or even cause death and dismemberment if something goes wrong during repair or installation. Our garage door technicians have decades of experience. They arrive on the job with the professional tools and equipment needed to do the job safely and correctly. We will thoroughly inspect your garage door to determine the cause of the jam. The most common causes are a lodged track, a locked door, broken springs or cables, or a door that is off its track.

My Garage Door Is Loud. Any Solutions at Campbell Overhead Doors?

Yes, our experienced technicians offer fast, reliable solutions for noisy garage doors. We will first inspect your door to determine why it is suddenly so noisy. We’ll then discuss our options for a garage door tune-up, garage door track repair, garage door spring repair, or garage door cable repair. We have replacement parts on hand, so we can quickly switch out parts if one of them is responsible for a loud or faulty garage door. We can also lubricate or grease moving parts so they work more efficiently and quietly.

Should I Learn DIY Garage Door Repair?

No, we never recommend that a customer learn how to repair their garage door. You may violate your home warranty, nullify your homeowner’s insurance policy, cause property damage, or become seriously injured. Poorly installed or repaired garage doors can also put the health and safety of your family and pets at risk. Our team is happy to come out to your home, inspect your garage door, and offer you an estimate for garage door repairs.

Do I Need Garage Door Repair or Replacement?

It depends on many different factors. When we inspect your garage door, we will assess its age, overall condition, performance, efficiency, and safety. If your garage door has a minor problem that is easily fixed and will last for years once the problem is fixed, we will recommend garage door repair. If you have a bigger problem, such as your garage door is old, you’ve paid for multiple repairs in the last five years, or your garage door is no longer safe, we may recommend a new garage door installation.

What Kind of At-Home Maintenance Can I Do?

Regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs will extend the lifespan of your garage door and ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently. We recommend yearly or seasonal garage door inspections to assess the safety and function of your garage door’s complex mechanical parts. You can also do small things at home to reduce your risk of garage door breakdowns. Keep the tracks, springs, and pulleys lubricated. Make sure dust and debris don’t build up in the tracks or any other moving parts. Keep animals and children away from the garage doors. Protect your garage from flooding, storm and wind damage, and hail. Power wash your garage door once a year to get rid of dirt and contaminants.

Learn More About Garage Door Track Repair

Call us today to make an appointment for garage door repair in San Jose, CA, and surrounding areas. You can also ask us any questions about our experience, credentials, and services. We specialize in new garage door sales and professional garage door installation, garage door repair and replacement, garage door maintenance, and garage door opener repair.

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