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Professional Garage Door Hinge Repair

Your garage door’s hinges are a small but integral part of the door’s operation. Over time, the hinges can become rusted, damaged, broken, degraded, or worn out. When this happens, they won’t safely hold the panels together, and your garage door won’t operate properly. At Campbell Overhead Door, we have a team of skilled garage door technicians with years of experience replacing and repairing garage door hinges in San Jose, CA, and surrounding cities. If you’re not sure what type of hinges you need for garage door hinge replacement or repair, don’t worry. Call our team of professionals today, and we’ll send someone to your home for a consultation.

Garage Door Hinge Replacement or Repair?

Our experienced garage door technicians will carefully inspect and evaluate your garage door hinges. We will determine the underlying cause of the problem. We can then offer our honest opinion on whether it would be safer and more cost-effective for you to choose garage door hinge replacement or repair. If the hinges are too damaged and repairing them wouldn’t allow for the safe, continued operation of your garage door, we’ll recommend replacement. We arrive on the job with the expertise, tools, and replacement parts needed to complete garage door repair efficiently, professionally, and safely. We have experience working with all makes, models, and manufacturers of garage doors and all styles and materials of garage doors and parts.

Garage Door Hinge Types

We work with all garage door hinge types and materials. We can quickly assess the operation, condition, age, and performance of your garage door. We will then determine how to improve its efficiency and safety through garage door repair or garage door replacement parts. We will determine which of the following garage door hinge types we should use:

  • Flush Hinges – Flush hinges are long-lasting and small, so they save space. One leaf sits on top of the other when the garage doors close. However, they are not the strongest type of hinge.
  • Butt – Butt hinges can support significant weight and are used for steel garage doors.
  • Case – Case hinges support the same amount of weight as butt hinges but are more attractive. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and finishes.
  • Strap – Strap hinges are more unique and appeal to many homeowners. They have long leaves and secure the garage doors very effectively.
  • Magnetic Garage Door Hinges – Magnetic garage door hinges, or garage door hinge magnets, are purely decorative. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. They are placed on the exterior of the garage door as a design element or to add visual interest and can be removed easily.
  • Spring Loaded Garage Door Hinges – Spring loaded garage door hinges utilize a spring in the hinge that puts tension on the garage door track and rollers. It then pushes the door tightly into the door frame and seals. Their design allows the door to automatically close or stay open, which can increase the safety of garage door operation as well as your convenience. The amount of tension in the springs is adjustable, so you can make the hinges fit your specific needs so the door behaves the way you want it to.
  • Heavy Duty Garage Door Hinges – Heavy duty garage door hinges are primarily used in commercial applications for large, heavy garage doors. They are typically used on auto shop or warehouse garage doors, fire and police station garage doors, and other industrial or commercial applications.
  • Side Hinged Garage Doors – Side hinged garage doors are a more traditional style of garage door hinges. They are installed at the side of the garage doors so they open outwards rather than rolling up into a track on the garage ceiling. They are sometimes called side openings or swing garage doors.

Garage Door Hinge Installation in San Jose, CA

What Are Garage Door Hinge Numbers?

Garage door hinges are numbered to indicate how they should be positioned during installation. If a hinge is numbered 1, it should be in the center of the garage door. A hinge with a number 2 should be installed between the second and third panels. A hinge with a number 3 on it should be installed between the third and fourth panels. These numbers go all the way up to 12. The larger your garage door is, the more hinges you need. The position number on the hinge is not the same as its gauge size. Each hinge also has a range of thickness that indicates how much weight it can support. For residential garage door hinge replacement, a 14-gauge thickness is fine. For commercial garage door hinge replacement, you will need an 11-gauge hinge or lower.

Signs You Need Garage Door Hinge Repair

When you’re aware of the warning signs of problems with your garage door hinges, you can repair or replace them before they become unsafe. Swift garage door hinges replacement or repair will minimize your inconvenience and stress. Call us today if you notice any of these signs you need garage door hinge repair:

  • Squeaking, rattling, or grinding noises while operating the door
  • A stuck hinge pin
  • Loose hinges
  • Degraded, damaged, rusted, or corroded hinges
  • Skewed jamb
  • Broken hinges

Schedule Garage Door Hinges Replacement or Repair

Call us today to schedule a consultation for garage door hinge replacement or repair. We’ll send one of our experienced technicians to your home to assess the condition and performance of your garage door hinges. Once we have identified the problem, we will recommend hinge repair or hinge replacement.

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